turquoise and black beaded crow bohemian braceletthree strand bohemian bracelet with coral sodalite blue stones and vintage beadssweetheart teal pearl and glass beaded bohemian braceletgrey pearl with labordorite stone charmed bohemian braceletgreen lampwork and ceramic bracelet with bali sterling silver

goldstone and lampwork with copper bohemian one of a kind bracelet 
moonstone, spinel, quartz stone braceletpink and purple stretch bracelet

One of a kind bracelets featuring everything from vintage, upcycled, stone and pearls.

Let's start at the top and talk a bit about each one and what makes it unique. After all, they are all one of a kind.

The first is a bracelet with turquoise rondelles and swarovski bicone crystals. I hand formed the sterling silver toggle for this one. I get a decent amount of satisfaction from creating jewelry and when I can create my own toggles, earwires and charms from wire then I beam brighter.

Secondly, take a look at the bracelet with a earthy tribal vibe. Turquoise nuggets, black tooth shaped beads and one well behaved crow.  The crow is a very old bead and I had only three of them, each hand made so each a little different. I feel like they tell a story. Maybe they hold secrets. The turquoise nuggets have a green hue to them more than blue.

Bracelet secures with a pewter toggle and has a few extra jump rings.

The next is one of my favorite's and for good reason. Check it out!  Three strands of sodalite that resembles a denim color, bright red  coral and vintage beads with murrini. Some of the sodalite beads are nuggets that are oval in shape and others are more of a rectangle. Someone else loved it to, it went home with them.  So much color and so much happy vibe!

The following was gifted to someone years ago for Christmas. Most people think of pearls and imagine white pearls strung on silk and secured with a fish clasp. I like using pearls in my designs since they are a natural element however, I love the colors available.  The teal pearl bracelet closes with a sweet heart toggle. At the center are foil glass cube beads that hold a bit of purple in them, more pearls and a crystal wheel. 

The one pictured after it was gifted to her sister...

It is a grey pearl bracelet that is not like your standard issue..not your mothers pearls. Not your grandmas. They are unique, they are bohemian and fun! Have you noticed yet that I enjoy working with many materials but stones and pearls seem to be a favorite?

It is a seemingly timeless design that has a little twist. Soft grey pearls, labordorite rondelles and dark grey crystal wheels. It is versatile, timeless, enduring and full of character. This bracelet features many charms made using wire, pearls, stone and crystal.

Since I like to get involved in fundraising, I offered the next beauty up to the person that would send $50 to the American Red Cross during a time when donations where needed more than ever. She would have donated anyway but she loved the bracelet so it all worked out.

The lampwork beads are called Jungle lampwork. They are a deep green with silver dots and were made by a very talented friend Twiggy. I strung them with bali sterling silver and ceramic beads in the same tones plus a little blue hue.

I like to weave, this design that resembles leaves was created using bugle beads and toho beads. The closure is a combination of button, seed beads and a polymer clay rose handcrafted by me.

Its sized larger than most and the leaves fall about in random ways.

The warm days of winter and fall call for their own little splash of color. The calming tones in the sunstone mix well with the deeper brick color of the jasper which has little streaks of gold through them.

 At the end of this lovely bracelet is a square gold tone toggle. Later, I used the same jasper stones to make a very contemporary funky necklace with copper wire and black string.

I often name my creations. In fact, not only do I name then but I give them an inventory number. I aim to be super organized. I gave the next bracelet the name "Peace Piece"

It is a polymer clay beaded bracelet with a yin and yang charm. The bracelet  is a bit chunky and has lovely shades of blue green. Polymer clay is very light weight so it allows the creator to make a large piece that can be enjoyed without the heavy weigh down. I did hand form and mix the polymer clay beads used in this design. They are fired but not glazed.

Lucky celtic gal...

This is a combo of wire wrapped stone chips, carved bone and vintaj brass rings.

Simple enough to be your go to bracelet for everyday wear and fun enough to warrant doing so.

I am lucky enough to attend a few fabulous gem and rock shows. The next bracelet features several of the lamp work beads that I paired with goldstone.

 The flakes in the lamp work match the lamp work beads perfectly. It is strung on black cord and secured with a precious copper toggle.

Opalite and spinel with smoky quartz and one goldstone wheel makes up this creation that I named Bubble bracelet. Its modern, edgy and fun. Secured with a bali sterling silver toggle.

The last one is "Time for Carnival". It is three strands of stretch cord that holds a combination of vintage beads, filigree beads, pearls and tri cut seed beads. Gold daisy wheels sit at the end just before the centerpiece which was rescued from an old earring. Most likely from the eighties, the broken sad earring was all alone until I strung it with the colorful mix of beads that make up "Time for Carnival"

Thank you for checking in and be sure to return, message me with questions and  feel free to stop in locally to see what is available.

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